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Wild Habitats (03:55)


Europe's 10 million kilometers of wild habitat is being transformed; new species are being introduced. The Eurasian lynx is the largest lynx species and lives in the dense forests.

European Bison (07:41)

The few remaining European bison live in the Carpathian Mountains. After World War I, none were left in the wild, but a breeding program allowed the species to return. Conservation groups work to restore Europe's ecosystem.

Carpathian Ecosystem (03:04)

The return of the bison has benefited the ecosystem; new plants have grown in their grazing lands. Other animals benefit from the bison's transformation of the landscape.

Winter in the Carpathians (03:54)

A red fox uses smell and hearing to track prey under the snow. Bison eat grass under the snow and plants on small trees and branches.

Wolves (05:00)

Wolves in the Carpathians can scavenge dead bison from the newly introduced herd. Wolves used to hunt bison but forgot how to tackle large prey when they disappeared. Wolves were hunted almost to extinction in Europe.

Wolves in Poland (03:23)

Wolf populations are closely monitored across Europe. Researchers are studying successful wolf repopulation.

Lynx in Germany (04:51)

Two Eurasian lynx cubs that were abandoned in the Carpathians were raised in captivity. They were reintroduced to the wild in Germany, where they have been extinct for 150 years.

Wolf Repopulation (04:34)

Some wolves can travel large distances alone. The abundance of food in the Carpathians reduces the need to hunt in packs. Wolves hunt wild boar, which thrive because of the diverse ecosystem.

Wolf Conversation (08:02)

The growing wolf population has caused an increase in wolf attacks on livestock. It led to a new generation of Hellenic Sheepdogs being trained to protect livestock herds.

Wolves in Europe (03:32)

Officials instituted a ban on hunting wolves in Poland 20 years ago and wolves have spread throughout Europe. Wolves are adaptable and have settled in various places.

Credits: Return of the Titans (04:10)

Credits: Return of the Titans

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In the Carpathian mountains and other wildlife strongholds, nature is being given a helping hand. The reintroduction of European Bison and the spread of the Grey wolf across the continent signal a wildlife comeback which is benefiting not only other animals but humans as well.

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