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400 Years Taking the Knee: Episode 1

Part of the Series : 400 Years Taking the Knee
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Nanny of the Maroons (early 18th C.), leader of the formerly enslaved Windward Maroons, was an early figure of resistance against British colonial authorities in Jamaica. Toussaint Louverture (1743-1803) led militant resistance against (French) colonisers. The writer Ignatius Sancho (1729-80) represents an important political landmark as the first black man to vote in Britain. He was born on a slave ship and became a resonant abolitionist voice. Olaudah Equiano’s (1745-97) influential autobiography went through nine editions. Equiano was central in early black British political groups; toured the country discussing his experiences. The American abolitionist Frederick Douglass (1818- 95) was another whose written work is a key legacy; so too Sojourner Truth, who wrote an autobiography (1797-1883). In the US, heroic figures of violent/active resistance included Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) (known as ‘Moses’ for all the slaves she freed); William Still (1821- 1902), who, like Tubman, worked on the Underground Railroad and Nat Turner (1800-1931), whose famous four day rebellion had grave consequences – leading to the toughening of the legal frameworks of slavery. Dredd Scott’s (1799-1858) case also key in this concretisation. Paul Bogle (1822-65) was another who resisted British rule in Jamaica – led the Morant Bay rebellion and was hanged. William Cuffey (1788-1870) a leading Chartist, considered the first major working-class movement in the world.

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