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Case Study: Teresa (02:34)


Dr. Salgo introduces panelists. A 62 year-old woman has chest pain. 10 years ago she suffered a fever, rash and edema; panelists refer to her condition as a multi-system disease.

Defining Inflammation (02:42)

Inflammation is the body's response to injury or external stimuli. Teresa's doctors treated her symptoms but joint pain persisted; learn why it's important to diagnose the cause of inflammation.

Defining Autoimmune Disease (02:29)

Teresa's blood work is positive for rheumatoid arthritis. Panelists discuss why it's important to diagnose specific autoimmune diseases, even though symptoms are treated the same.

Diagnosing Autoimmune Disease (02:13)

Joseph was tested for lymphoma and heart disease before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease two years later; learn why the process takes time.

Inflammatory Response (03:08)

Panelists discuss the connection between inflammation, autoimmune disease and the immune system. Learn why rheumatoid arthritis causes joint deformity and why Celiac Disease is unusual among autoimmune conditions.

Inflammation and the Heart (04:08)

Learn how autoimmune diseases can manifest in the cardiovascular system. Teresa suffers a heart attack, pulmonary disease and pericarditis as complications of rheumatoid arthritis.

Treating Inflammation (05:18)

Panelists debate whether reducing inflammation risks will lower chances of a heart attack, and agree that a healthy lifestyle will benefit autoimmune disease patients.

Inflammation Summary (02:09)

Panelists identify functional medicine as the interdisciplinary study of connections between biological systems and disease. Dr. Salgo reviews key points on the immune system and autoimmune disease.

Credits: Inflammation: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:02)

Credits: Inflammation: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Inflammation: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Research indicates that inflammation underscores a significant percentage of heart disease, and some professionals believe that it may be the source of many complications of aging. Our panelists explore the relationship between inflammation and disease, and what new treatments lie ahead. (26 minutes)

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