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Introduction: Tectonics: Processes and Landforms (02:12)


This brief overview of the Earth's inner heat orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Plate Tectonics (02:04)

Seismologist Roderick Stewart explains the data experts collect to try and predict eruptions.

Energy Waves (02:25)

The latest research suggests that the inner core is a super-heated solid ball of very dense material. Learn about the makeup of the Earth's crust, Lithosphere, and Asthenosphere.

Iceland (02:59)

Iceland sits on the boundary of two plates. Learn how the plates move around the world, making up the Ring of Fire.

Plate Tectonics: History (03:10)

Learn about the evolution of plate tectonics theories.

Plate Tectonics: Sea Floor Spreading (02:54)

Hot Spots, or Mantle Bloom, explain how the Hawaiian Islands were created. Learn how the different types of plates cause volcanoes to act in different ways.

Constructive Margins (02:58)

Learn the structure of a composite and stratocone volcano. Iceland has several different types of volcanoes due to divergent plate margins and a hot spot.

Fissures and Shield Volcanoes (02:25)

When magma reaches the surface it is called lava. Learn about the types of volcanic activity that occur in Iceland.

Extrusive Features (01:55)

Magma does not need to break the surface to create visible landforms.

Rift Valleys (02:04)

As tectonic plates pull apart, cracks in the Earth form. The Eyjafjallajökull eruption caused massive flooding in 2010.

Destructive Margins (02:54)

Montserrat is located in a subduction zone. Highly explosive volcanoes in this area spew acidic lava.

Dome Formation (03:38)

Viscous lava stays at the top of the volcanoes and creates domes. Dome volcanoes create pyroclastic flow when the dome collapses.

Ocean Trenches and Fold Mountains (03:01)

Subduction zones create deep trenches in the ocean. Convergent plate zones create massive mountain ranges and earthquakes.

Conservative Margins (03:17)

Without warning, a massive, shallow earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. Emergency aid poured in from around the world.

San Andreas Fault (01:24)

Learn about a large quake near San Francisco in 1989. The Haiti earthquake caused more damage because of the building structures and poverty level.

Credits: Tectonics: Processes and Landforms (00:43)

Credits: Tectonics: Processes and Landforms

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Filmed in Montserrat, Haiti, Iceland, and the Alps, this program provides examples and explanations for the processes, features, and landforms that occur at different plate margins. It discusses the very latest developments in plate tectonic theory and explores how this has changed over time. The resource then looks in detail at a range of volcanic processes and landforms. Examples are provided of calderas, fissure eruptions and dome, shield and stratocone/composite volcanoes. It contains footage of different types of lava and illustrations of minor volcanic forms: solfatara, fumaroles, and geysers.

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