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Digitized Life (01:56)


All data can be uploaded to the cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world. But how is our collective memory stored?

Externalizing Memory (02:24)

Humans have used tools to retain knowledge for thousands of years. Learn how the digital revolution is privatizing information storage—putting our collective history at risk.

Digital Archiving (01:30)

The National Audiovisual Institute has stored French media since 1975. Archivists are now IT engineers and recorded material has become data.

Digitizing France's Audio Visual Heritage (02:44)

Learn how analog radio and television material is converted to computer files for preservation and sharing online.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library (02:25)

Boston is considered the other Silicon Valley in the U.S. Learn about efforts to digitize American history—a project requiring ten petabytes.

Big Data Era (01:18)

Our daily digital activities produce more data than all records from antiquity to 2003. Memory storage has become industrialized as a result.

EMC2 (03:19)

Learn how a U.S. company stores big data on super computers known as servers.

IT Infrastructure (03:30)

Learn how digital storage has become more efficient. Many people are replacing servers with cloud services; an expert discusses links between technology and humanity.

Data Centers (04:42)

Visit a digital memory storage facility outside Paris. Learn industrial infrastructure and electricity required to support online activity.

Commercializing Memory (02:54)

The U.S. has the most data centers due to corporate activity. Learn how Google registers personal data for targeted advertising.

Cloud Storage Risk (01:49)

Learn how free online services control our digital memory without security or durability.

Digital Civil Liberties Issues (02:28)

Free software pioneer Richard Stallman discusses how the Patriot Act violates online confidentiality—including European data passing through U.S. servers.

State Data Centers (02:30)

Europe is improving infrastructure in response to U.S. data insecurity. Learn how the French Interior Ministry stores sensitive information.

Digital Independence (01:19)

France must consolidate its 100 data centers for improved security and data conservation.

Updating Digital Infrastructure (02:34)

Data storage equipment and programs are constantly evolving and require replacement. Learn why archived analog material must be documented and cataloged.

Digitizing Heritage (02:45)

UNESCO's Memory of the World Program uses digital technology to preserve disintegrating documents—but data has a short life span.

Nanoform Technology (02:15)

Learn about a long term data storage solution that engraves images and texts on transparent disks that are magnified for reading.

Nanoform Production (03:57)

Learn how the data storage technology is manufactured, including the image engraving process. Disks last 1,000 years, and could become cheaper to make.

Digital Unlearning (02:20)

Analog media are ideal for conservation but have storage limitations. Information technology risks depleting mental functions such as memory and spelling.

Improving Digital Technology Use (01:36)

Learn the difference between information access and knowledge formation. We must relearn to prioritize, file, and copy data to preserve our memory.

Credits: Digital Memory Gatekeepers (00:58)

Credits: Digital Memory Gatekeepers

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We have entered the Homo Numericus Age, producing millions of digital files in the course of our lives. Today, stocking data and securing content over time is a major challenge for State Security, the economy and society in general, and a lucrative service for internet companies. Behind the virtual dimension, who are the real gatekeepers of our memory? How reliable are they and how selective are we in what we stock online? Enter the digital space and the cloud computing network and find out more!

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