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Getting to the Wild Heart of Earth Rights: Intro (01:17)


Silver Donald Cameron introduces viewers to Cormac Cullinan's activism and career.

Humans are Integral to Nature (03:49)

Humans share the same evolutionary history as every living thing. Environmental crises arise because of human behavior. Shifting separatist thinking is crucial to understanding the rights of nature.

Rights of Nature Addresses Society's Structural Problems (01:48)

Cullinan uses Apartheid to explain the importance of overcoming human/environment separatist thinking.

Why Now? (02:15)

Cullinan believes the need for rights of nature arose in response to the imposition of property rights on nature. Humans are driving the environmental crises at an alarming rate and we need a new way forward.

Moment of Illumination? (02:38)

Cullinan discusses realizing that he needed to fight for the rights of the natural world and his connection with nature.

"Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice" (02:41)

Cullinan explains wild law and the ideas he is trying to communicate in his book.

Facilitative Law (03:46)

Cullinan believes we need to be governed by the larger system of order; we must identify the fundamentals of nature and regulate ourselves to be consistent with the findings.

Trapped in the Homosphere (03:22)

Cullinan discusses the perception that humans live only within the human world and are surrounded by a hostile alien world of nature; it is important to reverse this thinking.

Evolution of the Human? (01:59)

Cullinan considers the sense of fear outside of the homosphere, and the impact of misconceptions about nature on human behavior.

Thomas Berry (04:07)

Cullinan discusses Berry's conception of The Great Work and how it leads to his conception of the Great Jurisprudence.

Concept of Relatedness (05:20)

Cullinan provides examples of what enhancing the natural world while enriching ourselves would look like.

How do we Become Indigenous? (03:07)

Cullinan discusses how to find a sense of belonging; we are all indigenous to the planet.

Cultural Libraries (03:16)

Cullinan discusses the wanton destruction of human cultures and conceptual understandings. He considers correlations of indigenous cultures around the world.

Untenable Concepts (03:13)

Most of society collaborates in the collective delusion that we are in charge. Cullinan discusses working at internal levels and the antidote to separation.

Despair is the Enemy of Action (02:47)

Cullinan is generally a hopeful person. He explains his working hypothesis and discusses letting go of "the ends."

End of Apartheid (03:08)

Cullinan feels lucky to have been part of a successful revolution and draws on the experience for his activist work.

Freedom Charter (04:17)

Cullinan reflects on how human psyche works and applying it to sustainability. He discusses the development of the Freedom Charter and creating a charter for the environment.

Channeling the Rivers (00:58)

Cullinan discusses the importance of liberated living rivers.

Legal Rights of Nature (02:11)

Cullinan was part of the group that drafted the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth in 2010. He explains what the environmental rights movement addresses.

Unified Field Theory of Environmentalism (02:45)

Cullinan believes that environmental problems are systemic. He discusses the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth containing the DNA for a new society.

Inspiration for the Future (03:29)

Silver Donald Cameron ends the interview with quotes. Cullinan discusses his critics and why he practices environmental law.

Interview Review (00:44)

Silver Donald Cameron reiterates Cullinan's beliefs and the need to change our relationship with the natural world.

Credits: Getting to the Wild Heart of Earth Rights: Cormac Cullinan (00:15)

Credits: Getting to the Wild Heart of Earth Rights: Cormac Cullinan

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This episode of the Green Interview features Cormac Cullinan, the director of a leading environmental law firm based in Cape Town, South Africa, and the author of the pioneering book, Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice. The book calls for what Cullinan describes as earth jurisprudence, which places human legal systems within the context of the laws of nature. Cullinan has played an important role in drafting the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth. His anti-apartheid activist has given him an understanding of just how fast and how completely social change can occur when the circumstances are right.

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