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Islamic State (02:40)


Sept. 11 showed the West its new enemy was Al Qaeda. 13 years later, ISIS has replaced them and shows greater ambition, constructing a state.

Baghdad (01:54)

Since 2011 U.S. withdrawal, Baghdad has been divided in two, with Sunnis marginalized. ISIS promises Sunnis vengeance; Baghdad is its next target.

Al-Baghdadi's Background (03:29)

An Iraqi expert talks about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's educational background. Imprisoned by the Americans, he became radicalized and formed alliances with former Saddam officials.

American Withdrawal from Iraq (01:12)

With Al Qaeda in Iraq deteriorating, the U.S. withdrew, leaving security to Iraq's military.

IS in Syria (02:16)

Syrian civil war was the big break for IS. IS imposed itself on the opposition movement and implemented Sharia where it conquered.

Foreign Recruits (02:11)

IS shares a border with Turkey; Gaziantep, Turkey is a stop-off point for foreign IS recruits. A Syrian arms dealer talks about dealings with IS.

Islamic State's Successes (01:52)

By early 2014, IS had wiped out rivals in Syria and imposed its law. Sophisticated propaganda has lured Sunnis disappointed by the Arab Spring.

ISIS Implements Agenda (01:42)

ISIS set up headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, and proved determined to revive the Arab golden age and committed executions to establish control.

Mosul Local Feelings (01:42)

In Mosul, ISIS had local support and many thought the attackers were only Saddam loyalists and did not resist.

Conquest of Mosul (02:53)

ISIS took over mosques and declared victory over loudspeakers; Iraqi forces ran despite superior numbers. ISIS took over American-donated military equipment and took cash from the central bank.

Proclaiming Caliphate (03:30)

Al-Baghdadi proclaimed a Caliphate, combining a long-time Islamist vision with actual territory. ISIS rejects the Western-designed international system in favor of a return to the Arab golden age.

Border Crossing (03:44)

A Maktab Khalid border crossing separates ISIS from Kurdish fighters. Civilians cross daily.

ISIS Financing (03:13)

ISIS must deliver public services to maintain support. ISIS controls oil fields, a major source of financing.

Oil Smuggling (02:30)

ISIS smuggles oil through networks; once it is in Turkish tankers, it is part of the international oil supply. Turkey looks the other way.

ISIS Control of Agriculture (01:38)

ISIS controls 15% of Iraq's GDP. It took Mosul dam, giving it control of wheat harvests of Nineveh plains, a revenue source.

ISIS Methods (01:55)

Iraq has rich resources. ISIS diversified financing sources and sold assets at below-market prices. A resident discusses its bureaucracy and how it governs.

ISIS Governing (01:58)

ISIS recruits civil servants and technicians and controls banks that continue making international transactions. ISIS launched a currency linked to gold.

ISIS Atrocities (01:33)

ISIS commits atrocities; it mentions such activities in annual reports.

Town Retaken by Kurds (02:07)

Kurds have retaken Zumar after its destruction by ISIS. Men come to pick up food aid from the Kurdish government; Arabs inhabitants have not returned.

Ethnic Cleansing in Zumar (01:09)

ISIS wrote "Arab" or "Kurd" on businesses and homes in Zumar to designate people's fate; they killed many.

Future of ISIS (01:44)

Can ISIS sustain itself? Marginalized Iraqi and Syrian Sunnis support it. A French official argues that it isolates itself and cannot succeed.

Fight Against ISIS (03:08)

Kurds and Shiites fight ISIS. An Iranian-trained Shiite militia retook Jurf al-Sakhar, where people welcomed them as liberators.

Future of ISIS War (03:11)

The war against ISIS seems likely to be long; ISIS has the means to fight on. ISIS has become the brand of international jihad.

Credits: ISIS, Birth of a Terrorist State (01:04)

Credits: ISIS, Birth of a Terrorist State

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This film covers the rise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and explains the significance of its proclamation of a Caliphate and its status as a terrorist group controlling vast territory and resources. It shows how ISIS unites local Sunni grievances with international jihadist ambitions. It examines the future of the war between ISIS and its enemies.

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