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Girls: Introduction (01:42)


Approximately one third of Latinos do not graduate high school on time. Patricia Gandara states that education is vital for competing in a global marketplace.

Darlene (01:34)

Darlene lives in Tulsa, OK. She is a teen mom who dropped out of school. Pedro Noguera states that Latino students are in some of the most highly segregated schools in the U.S.

Stephanie (01:42)

Stephanie lives in Chicago, IL. Her school has a bad reputation and she once felt hopeless about her future. Maria Kumar states that many students dropout so they can work and help their families.

Chastity (01:27)

Chastity lives in Bronx, NY. She and her family became homeless, affecting her education.

Teen Pregnancy (04:15)

Darlene met her boyfriend online. She struggled in school. Her mother Sara discusses Darlene's desire for a baby, leaving her husband, and Darlene's pregnancy.

Caretaker Role (00:57)

Angy Rivera was the first born child of a single mom. She felt pressure to help any way she could and but wanted to be involved in school clubs.

Living with Violence (02:17)

Gang violence occurs in Stephanie's neighborhood. Her father emigrated from El Salvador to escape violence. Stephanie reflects on her 16th birthday and losing a good friend.

Security at School (02:08)

Stephanie walks through metal detectors at school; she once thought of dropping out. Joel Rodriguez discusses punishments at school.

Urban Highly Minority School Districts (01:17)

Mayor Julian Castro's mother influenced his education and expectations of the educational system.

Financial and Family Struggles (03:21)

Chastity discusses living in a homeless shelter. Her mother Brunilda dropped out in 10th grade. Chastity considered dropping out to support her family.

Feelings of Family Obligations (01:02)

Claudio Sanchez shares his biggest fear in high school and discusses delaying college.

Embracing Education (03:33)

Darlene enrolled her son in Head Start. She discusses feelings of inadequacy, dropping out, and living with her boyfriend's parents.

Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (05:20)

Stephanie participates in a group that strives to improve their school. Rodriguez explains the program. See a peer jury.

Student Success (04:19)

Chastity writes to express herself. The Children's Aid Society and Student Success Center helped Chastity become involved in several programs. Chastity looks at school opportunities; she worries about her family.

Lower Expectations (00:59)

Voto Latina President Maria Kumar grew up in a rural Latino community. She learned how to build a resume for college by watching her friend.

Returning to School (03:57)

Darlene wants to be a part of a united team for her son. She discusses dropping out of school and returning. Principal Richard Storm heads a school for at risk students.

Setting an Example (00:52)

Writer Angie Cruz's mother was a teen mom; she emphasized the importance of education.

"Chicago is a Union Town" (03:42)

Voices of Youth in Chicago Education benefited Stephanie in many ways. She speaks at education rallies. Stephanie prepares for a trip to Africa.

Chastity's College Interview (03:51)

Chastity tours a college campus. She interviews at Sarah Lawrence College. Her brother sees Chastity as a role model.

Successful Education (04:06)

Darlene reflects on the future and her graduation. Stephanie is proud of her achievements. Chastity speaks at her graduation; she looks forward to college.

Credits: Girls (00:42)

Credits: Girls

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This episode looks at the special challenges faced by many Latina students through the stories of three remarkable young women. Just before her sophomore year of high school, Darlene Bustos became pregnant and began to miss classes and fall behind. Stephanie Alvarado lives with her family, who emigrated from El Salvador, on the south side of Chicago. Her school is under-resourced and the ever-present metal detectors make it feel more like a prison than a school. After her family became homeless, Chastity Salas coped as well as she could, but her strong sense of responsibility toward her family threatened to interfere with her education. Luckily, school staff recognized her problems and provided the support she needed to stay in school. Distributed by PBS Distribution.

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