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Disaster Big Data (05:20)


Learn about the earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. An unprecedented volume of disaster data was accumulated on the day of the earthquake.

Earthquake's Aftermath (02:58)

Watch videos of Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Fuamura broke 15 bones when a ceiling collapsed during a graduation ceremony.

Jam on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway (04:49)

Learn how traffic jams occurred after the earthquake and how they spread. These traffic jams are compared to traffic in normal conditions.

Analysis of Traffic Jams (02:59)

Kuwaha explains how traffic jams reached extreme levels. When traffic peaked, more than 250,000 vehicles were on the road.

Danger at Shibuya Station (05:38)

People flooded major train stations after the earthquake. Cell phone data was used to calculate the amount of people in these crowds. Murosaki explains the danger this posed.

Analysis of Emotional State (03:59)

Thirty-five million tweets were analyzed to understand the emotional state of those trapped in crowds at Shibuya Station. The level of uneasiness peaked when the trains began to operate again.

Disaster Mitigation (04:27)

Learn about the experience of a taxi driver compared to an ambulance driver during the massive traffic jams. Visit Tokyo's Traffic Control Center.

Plans to Use Big Data Cooperatively (04:29)

The Japanese government is looking for ways to use the massive amount of data collected during the earthquake. Watch what could happen if the worst case scenario occurred.

Power of Self-Help (06:19)

Learn the definition of self-help and watch as information is displayed on a map. Researchers are able to locate areas where self-help will not be available.

Expected Fire Devastation (02:00)

Fires following the mega quake are expected to claim many lives. Scientists are analyzing how people might be rescued from a fire.

Disaster Management (05:41)

Learn about private sector development of technologies using big data. The goal is to save as many lives as possible when the next disaster strikes.

Credits: Disaster Big Data: Preparing Tokyo Residents for the Worst (00:35)

Credits: Disaster Big Data: Preparing Tokyo Residents for the Worst

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A huge amount of data from the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake is now stored in the “cloud” and the movement to make use of this data is accelerating. Data from cell phones, tweets, and navigation systems has revealed the confusion and actions of people on the edge of panic. In an era of unprecedented disasters, this program examines how this data can be used to prevent chaos when an earthquake strikes.

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