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Establishing Positive Discipline (04:27)


Parents need a method of setting limits with their children in order to gain control while conveying warmth and respect. With positive discipline, consequences are logical outcomes for not doing what you're supposed to do.

Keys to Positive Discipline: Defining Rules (04:33)

In order to establish positive discipline parents need to tell their children the rules, explain the importance of the rules, clearly state the consequences of breaking rules, and develop a plan of action to encourage success.

Natural Consequences (02:55)

With positive discipline, consequences should always match the rules as a naturally occurring outcome of the undesirable behavior. Adults should also consistently follow through with the same consequences every time a rule is broken.

Direct Statements (02:40)

Parents should avoid making "you" statements which negatively affect self-esteem. Children respond best to direct statements which focus on action and outcome.

Learning Responsibility (04:06)

Children will not learn responsibility unless adults teach them. Punishment only teaches children obedience while discipline with appropriate consequences teaches responsibility. Adults should let children do certain tasks on their own.

Praise and Encouragement (02:59)

Undeserved praise can be just as detrimental as no praise at all. Encouragement works much more effectively than praise, which may convey that the child's self-worth depends upon certain behaviors.

Defusing Anger (07:26)

Both parents and children experience anger at times. Anger is a natural emotion and requires time for cooling off before reacting. Anger can be dealt with constructively rather than with negative comments which can intensify the anger.

Teens and Parental Involvement (05:06)

As adolescents rebel and test limits, parents should clearly define rules and consequences. Parents and teens can then resolve conflicts constructively rather than engaging in power struggles.

Creating Responsible Kids (03:37)

Parents and educators need to present a consistent, united front regarding rules and discipline for children at school and at home. Parents need to give children responsibilities and encourage them to finish what they start.

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Parents often discipline their children the only way they know how—the way they were raised. Although many of the methods result in positive behavior, others produce less desirable outcomes. This program shows parents and educators how to positively discipline children in a manner that makes the child more self-confident instead of less self-reliant—it puts the responsibility of positive behavior on the child as well as the parent. Interviews with child psychologists, parents, teachers, and children are interspersed with short vignettes that show how to implement the various steps and principles covered in the video. Specific topics include: What is positive discipline?; Positive discipline vs. the way our parents did it; Behavior goals; Natural and logical sequences; Encouragement vs. overindulgent praise; Birth order and discipline. This program helps parents create a structured and consistent behavioral environment that children will accept and appreciate. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes)

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