Area Studies

The Asian Century, Series 2 192 min.

How did North Korea build its nuclear bomb? What was behind Japanese Emperor Hirohilo’s militarism? How did Indira Gandhi become India’s ‘Iron Lady’? And what is the lasting impact of the Bangladesh Liberation war? This landmark series returns, deconstructing the key issues and pivotal events which have shaped the current Asian Century.

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How Did North Korea Build the Nuclear Bomb? Episode 1 43 min.

Despite being one of the most isolated nations on earth, North Korea has secretly developed its nuclear arsenal. In this documentary, we investigate why North Korea wanted to build a nuclear bomb and how they did it.

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India's Iron Lady, Episode 2 49 min.

In a gripping one-hour documentary, we explore the personal and political fate of the leader of the world’s largest democracy. Indira Gandhi presided over the huge, complex, religiously riven, and male-dominated country of India to play a dominant role in the history of the twentieth century.

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Japan's Militarist Emperor, Episode 3 47 min.

Emperor Hirohito left behind a legacy of death and destruction, the repercussions of which are still being felt across Asia today. Yet he was never held accountable for the two wars he supported. Episode 3 of The Asian Century investigates whether he was the puppet or the puppeteer.

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The Rise and Fall of Mujib, Episode 4 49 min.

We follow the footsteps of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as East Pakistan moves from Jinnah’s Islamist nationalism of 1947 towards the Bengali linguistic and cultural nationalism that led to the creation of Bangladesh. The Pakistan Army responded to East Pakistani civil disobedience with war crimes, leading to the displacement of 3 million Bengalis. The Rise and Fall of Mujib investigates the reasons for...

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China on Film 96 min.

Renowned filmmaker Christopher Doyle narrates this uniquely vivid picture of Chinese history through film, compiled with exclusive access to the British Film Institute China collection. These never-seen-before films provide new insights into China’s momentous changes, from the first ever Chinese film in the Qing dynasty through to the Communist era.

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China on Film, Episode 1 48 min.

The very first films of China present a surprising variety of daily life during the last decade of the Qing Dynasty in the 1900s. Post 1911, the films capture the great sweep of life in the Chinese Republic; foreign troops parading through Shanghai; the rise of Chiang Kai-shek; the birth of the Chinese Communist Party; the death of Dr Sun Yat-Sen. Often beautifully shot, in wide and in close-up, a...

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China on Film, Episode 2 47 min.

The second episode of China on Film flaunts the first-ever color film recorded of China, capturing the sacred and the profane in 1930’s Beijing. Other filmmakers show Shanghai in the jazz age, but these film reels reveal a China that might have been—China before the Japanese invaded. The cameras document the struggle for China. Just as Shanghai’s Nanjing Road was filmed in 1900, so it was filmed 5...

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Humanitarian Intervention Does More Harm Than Good: A Debate 70 min.

The international community currently faces a global refugee crisis and mass atrocities in Iraq, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, and other countries. How should the West respond? Proponents of humanitarian intervention—the use of force to halt human rights abuses—argue that the world’s most powerful nations have a responsibility to protect innocent people around the planet. Beyond saving lives, they conten...

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New! Snapshots of Russia 104 min.

While impossible to produce an exhaustive portrait of Russia, this series provides an unusual take on this intriguing land that challenges modern representations.

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