Area Studies

The Special U.S.-Saudi Relationship Has Outlived Its Usefulness: A Debate 99 min.

Since 1945, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz met onboard the USS Quincy, the United States and Saudi Arabia have maintained a special relationship, with oil, military cooperation, and intelligence sharing at its foundation. But the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the revolution in fracking in America, concerns over human rights, and diverging interests in the Middl...

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The Chinese World Order 47 min.

For some time now, the establishment of the World Bank and IMF has had a Chinese counterpart: AIIB, which China intends to use to finance a huge infrastructure project to connect Asia and Europa, a New Silk Route. This new international financial institution forces Europe to take a side. The UK decided, against the urgent advice from the United States, to become a member, and also the Netherlands...

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Justice for All 47 min.

Access to justice: for four billion out of the just over seven billion people on earth this is too expensive, too complicated, blocked by corruption, or simply not available. Lawyers working for the Dutch government devote themselves to the digital innovation of the legal industry. Surprisingly enough, Kenya is a trendsetter in this respect. Under the inspiring guidance of Supreme Court Judge Will...

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Next Stop Istanbul: The Refugee Crisis 48 min.

With neighboring Syria in ruins and stricken by a civil war, Turkey keeps its borders closed in exchange for billions of euros from the European Union. Many Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans have managed to cross the porous borders and are now in Istanbul, the gateway to Europe. Will they stay there or is crossing to Europe too irresistible? Last year, thousands drowned during the sea crossing to Europe...

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Generation Left Behind 29 min.

More than 60 million Chinese children are growing up without their parents, paying the price of their country’s dash to prosperity. ABC Australia correspondent Matthew Carney reports on the generation left behind.

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The Labors of Mr Zhang 26 min.

As China’s economy stumbles, ABC Australia correspondent Matthew Carney taps into the anger of a growing mass of unemployed workers, and meets a labor activist who’s risking his freedom to fight for their rights.

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The War on Children 30 min.

In a playground of international powers, it’s children who are dying from bombs, bullets and hunger. ABC Australia correspondent Sophie McNeill and cameraman Aaron Hollett report from the Yemen war zone.

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Yoga: The Divinity of Grace 33 min.

Yoga is the challenging study of consciousness itself, understanding one’s body, understanding one’s emotions, understanding one’s mind and beyond that, understanding one’s true self. Conquering the fretful disturbances of the world around, great thinkers researched deep into the self. This was an epic project, spread across many centuries. A science of life was developed. To help us to know ourse...

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Boko Haram: The Origins of Evil 52 min.

How has the extremist group Boko Haram, which began as a small Islamic sect, managed to make Nigeria, the richest country in Africa, and all its neighbors, tremble with fear? Who are they and how did they become so powerful? Xavier Muntz spent a month in Northern Nigeria, in the heart of the red zone, to answer these very questions. He met with many people, all directly affected by this religious...

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China, in the Mood for Life: The Human Cost of China’s Family Planning Policies 59 min.

China’s controversial one child policy may have been abandoned but the forced abortions and sterilizations and harsh punishments for unauthorized pregnancies continue. It remains illegal to have a child outside wedlock, become pregnant under the age of 20 or have more than two children. China holds the world record in abortions with more than 30,000 carried out every day. This unique investigation...

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